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AI-based lead management

Lead qualification through next-gen AI

AI-qualified and precise lead lists – blue.LEAD delivers the highest quality in the qualification of your potential customers.

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Our goal

Making life easier for sales staff.

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Proven experience

25+ years of experience in data-driven marketing and sales.

Our products and services


Our products like blue.LEAD are ready-to-use tools to accelerate and optimize your marketing and sales activities. They can be used plug & play without any implementation.

AI as a service

Everyone knows the advantages of Google Cloud, AWS and other providers. Our AI as a Services offer the same advantages: Simply connect to our cloud service and benefit from automated and self-learning AI.

Tailored AI solutions

Tailored to your needs. Together with your experts, we analyze your needs, design and implement pragmatic AI.

Are you interested in our portfolio?

Our dedicated ones Employees are at your disposal.

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Business success through
qualified B2B leads

Revolutionize your lead management with artificial intelligence. Transform the way you do business and stay ahead of the game with AI technology.

Step 1

Targeted Insights: We collect real-time information from websites and social media platforms through advanced scraping technologies and NLP analytics. Gain valuable insights into your customers' preferences, needs and behavior.

step 2

AI-based qualification: Benefit from a 360-degree view of your prospects with a qualified and ranked lead list created by our AI algorithms.

step 3

Pitch Intelligence: Equip your sales team with the information they need to succeed. Each prospect is enriched with unique pitch intelligence, including aggregated selling points and topic-related use cases.

 Our satisfied customers

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Revolution in customer reactivation through blue.LEAD

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